Doodle Baseball Unblocked
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Doodle Baseball Unblocked


Released:- 12/06/2023

Developer:- google

Technology:- HTML 5

Category:- Sport

Platforms:- Desktop and Mobile

It is an absolutely surprisingly unique and interesting game which is also a very important part of the Internet entertainment industry. It has lovely animations and games that celebrate special days, events, festivals, or interesting people that have made web searches more exciting for users.

Doodle Baseball is an unblocked game that means the students can play it between their classes to bring a fun factor between the hectic hours in school.

The game has very simple controls and addictive gameplay that gives a thrilling gaming experience and keeps you entertained for hours.

Vintage fonts with authentic colour will take you on a nostalgic ride to the past. After winning an inning, the atmosphere changes as per the new innings.

Every time you hit the spacebar, the players come into action, swinging for the fences for an ultimate home run. To make the swing and run, use your tactical powers by challenging your hand-eye coordination.

The game promises you a blissful experience that captures the sense of simplicity, competition, and the fun of the game, everything within the confines of your browser. If you still need to play this game, grab your virtual bat, focus on the pitcher, and knock it out of the park in this exciting online adventure.


  • Unique Doodle Baseball Experience
  • Challenging Opponents
  • Aim for Home Runs
  • Simple and Intuitive Gameplay


  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet


  • Mouse

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