Drive Mad Unblocked
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Drive Mad Unblocked


Released:- 29/06/2023

Developer:- Fancade

Technology:- HTML 5

Category:- Adventure

Platforms:- Desktop and Mobile

Drive Mad is a Chrome extension designed for game enthusiasts. It is a driving game that challenges players to navigate through a road full of obstacles without crashing among them. The game was originally designed for Classic Drive, but now they have enhanced the gaming experience by adding 100 levels instead of Drive Classic's initial 15 levels.

The classic version of this game has 100 levels to clear with easy controls, which makes the game accessible for players of all ages.

The game incorporates dynamic, responsive controls. It allows players to perform different stunts, drifts, and maneuvers to auto maneuver opponents and obstacles. The players will also get power-ups and collectables scattered after passing every level that provides the advantages and rewards to win the levels.

To finish the level without crashing your car, it is important to traverse a track full of hazards in this action game. With inventive stunts and enthusiasm, players of all ages will find it exciting and fun.

Driving Mad game is fueled with adrenaline and a thrilling gaming experience. It is the best option for those who enjoy fast-paced action, racing, and vehicular combat in a dynamic virtual world.


  • Thrilling Off-Road Adventure
  • Realistic Driving Physics
  • Exciting Stunts and Challenges
  • Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Platforms:-

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Controls:-

  • Arrow key
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