Just Fall Unblocked
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Just Fall Unblocked



Developer:- JustPlay.LOL

Technology:- HTML 5

Category:- Adventure

Platforms:- Desktop and Mobile

Just Fall.lol is a game based on gravity-defying adventure. It is unblocked and now also available on Classroom 6x. It is an addictive game that is best played to enjoy quick game sessions during your school breaks or study breaks.

It is a survival game where the players compete against each other online to remain the last penguin to stand in the game. In each game, there are 8 real players, including you, who participate in the game and control cute little penguins. Players have to hold the penguins on the ice for as long as possible to be the last to fall into the ocean.

On the main site of the game, you can select your favourite penguin and choose a name and colour for the cutie.

Each round of the game has different challenges, and the players who can not stand out are eliminated.

The game is very simple and requires skills like agility and sharpness of thinking to pass the levels smoothly.


  • Simple Controls
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Twelve different colors
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Platforms:-

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Controls:-

  • WASD
  • Space = jump

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