Hexanaut Unblocked
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Hexanaut Unblocked


Released:- 18/08/2023

Developer:- Hexanaut

Technology:- HTML 5

Category:- Skill

Platforms:- Desktop and Mobile

Hexanaut.io is an IO game where the players have to conquer as much territory as they can. But you have to be careful about not cutting the line on your own or by another player. There are totems on the game map that are captured to get bonus points.

In this game, the player has to conquer the biggest area by proving skill in this territory. To play the game, use your mouse to move across the map. Leave your territory, draw a line, and capture the new land. After returning to your territory, you have to close the circle and take the enclosed tiles.

Always remember you are at high risk when outside your territory. If some other player moves into your tail, they will slice you up, and you have to start the game all over again. In order to become the Hexanaut, you must capture at least 20% of the map. If you can keep the territory over 20% after becoming the Hexanaut for 2 minutes, you will win the game.

If you are eliminated in the middle of the game while others are playing, then you won't be able to rejoin the game.


  • Immersive Space Gameplay
  • Upgrade and Customize
  • Multiple region
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Platforms:-

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Controls:-

  • Mouse Key

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